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24 June 2019

Phunyuka proves his innocence to the Bhengus and makes peace with Ngcolosi. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


Zandile reveals the truth to Ngcolosi about her pregnancy and the miscarriage.

Now MaZulu demands an apology from MaNdlovu but MaNdlovu “as stubborn as they come” we all know she will not apologise.

It seems Zithulele has found something to distract him and he is having fun again.

Manqoba leaves Maluju oil Zakithi tries to stop him but her attempts fail.


Zandile says her final goodbyes to Ngcolosi.

Zithulele passes out on the floor after having fun at the club. MaZulu sees Phunyuka and Nomfundo together and confronts her.

Something interesting in Chatsworth, Mira has a boyfriend and shares a passionate kiss with him.


Phunyuka arrives at the Bhengus to prove his case to the family.

Phunyuka lies to Nomfundo about talking to Zethu.

Mira is deeply in love and keeps up her lies as a cover.


The Bhengus have different views about the video footage provided by Phunyuka.

Ngcolosi decides to forgive his longtime friend.

Andiswa deals drugs for Mthunzi.

With Manqoba out of the picture, Nkululeko has his chance with Zakithi.


Nkululeko tells Zakithi his life story and reveals to her what keeps him connected with his unknown father.

Phunyuka is offered a job at Maluju.

Andiswa has a night of terror and MaZulu and Ngcolosi finds out she is taking drugs.

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