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This week on Scandal!

14 May 2019

Will Romoe be able to convince the Langa’s to agree to his strategy? Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM.


Romeo goes all out to convince Boniswa and Chumani to agree to his strategy.

Mlungisi sets out to find common grounds with Zinzile, but discovers something terrible along the way. Dintle realises that all is not as it seems when it comes to stereotyping.


The paternity test result are in

Tensions reach the breaking point and prompt a punch-up. Dintle starts working on her new “project.”


Lives are hanging on the balance and a deadly shot is fired.

A heartbroken Mlungisi tries to process what he discovered. Stokkies is left unimpressed when he realises that Dintle used him to get to her target.


An incriminating piece of evidence threatens to expose a deadly conspiracy while a dangerous seed of doubts is being planted on the other end.

A gold-digger is blissfully unaware that her latest conquest is about to receive a damaging warning.


Boniswa is happy about the news on Mthunzi. Romeo gets shocking news.

The scales fall from Zinzile’s eyes and she has to accept the devastating truth. Dintle starts to realise that she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

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