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#etvPower The Love Triangle

14 February 2018

It’s official, there’s a very sexy love triangle on Power and it’s getting us in our feelings this Valentine’s Day.

Power airs on Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

It finally happened. Ghost and Angela officially hooked up last week.

And they clearly have very little remorse about it, because things only gets sexier between the two this week.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s wife Tasha is half losing her mind trying to figure out why her husband is so distant lately. #Shem

But we know she has a little thing going on with their driver, Shawn. So she tries to put the naughty on him for Intel on Ghost, but to no avail.

We’re patiently waiting for the episode when Tasha finds out about Angela.

But in the meantime, can we just enjoy this twisted romance between Ghost and Angela? 

Watch Power on Wednesday at 9:30PM. #etvPower.