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#HTGAWM Recap of season 1

14 June 2017

As the gripping season comes to a climactic finale, we thought a refresher might be in order. How To Get Away With Murder finale is on Wednesday, 14 June at 9:30PM.

A LOT has happened. But here’s what you really need to know:

The Keating Five killed Sam
So we finally found out what really happened on the night Sam was murdered. Here’s what basically happened: Rebecca went to the house to try and download Sam’s cellphone files which would hopefully prove that he’s the one who murdered Lyla. Michaela and Sam were in the house when she arrived and there was a struggle. Eventually Wes, Connor and Laurel arrive as well and to protect themselves from a violent Sam, Michaela pushed him over the staircase and he fell.

They assumed he was already dead at this point but he wasn’t and he attacked Rebecca again, this time Wes hit him over the head with the trophy.

Annalise knows they killed her husband
The big shocker was when we realised Annalise actually knows exactly what happened. She gave Wes instructions on how to get rid of the body and promised to protect them from the law. Wow! But why?

Well, because it was pretty much confirmed that Sam killed Lyla. And to top it off, he tried to kiss Bonny to prevent her from telling Annalise. Ouch! She also explains later that the police would definitely have blamed her for the murder if they found her cheating husband dead on the carpet. So she chose to protect her students, but also protect herself.

Annalise pinned the murder on her boyfriend, Nate
This really got us hooked! Nate, the loving, supportive, gorgeous, innocent cop is going down for Sam’s murder? It just doesn’t seem fair. Annalise made Frank plant damning evidence that points to Nate as the killer by planting his fingerprint on Sam’s wedding ring at the scene where his body was burned. No way he can get out of this one, right?

But, this is Annalise we’re talking about, she must have something up her sleeve! We can’t believe that she would really let Nate go to prison for this, right!?

The Keating Five are holding Rebecca hostage
And now, in a sudden twist of events, they’ve taken Rebecca captive after Wes made everyone believe that she, his girlfriend by the way, was actually behind Lila’s murder all along. Which would mean that they put their careers on the line for a lying, murderer and they killed Sam for no reason.

But do you believe Rebecca really killed Lyla?

Don’t miss the season 1 finale of How To Get Away With Murder this Wednesday, 14 June at 9:30PM.