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#HTGAWM: Is Rebecca lying?

31 May 2017

We believed Rebecca was innocent this whole time, but could she be the one who murdered Lila Stangard? How To Get Away With Murder, Wednesdays at 9:30PM. 

We trust Rebecca, right? Well apparently Wes doesn’t trust his client-turned-lover as he’s been catching her in lie after lie.

She claimed to know nothing about Rudy, the guy who lived in Wes’ apartment before he moved. But turns out she’s the one who called the cops on him.

What’s more, it was the same night that Lila Stangard was murdered.

So Wes ropes Laurel in and they mission to find Rudy who’s in a mental hospital. They show him a picture of Rebecca and all he can mutter is ‘WET’.

Wes puts two and two together and figures out that Rebecca might have been wet from dumping Lila in the water tank, where her body was found.

Could it be that Rebecca has been lying this whole time and she actually murdered Lila?

Watch How To Get Away With Murder, Wednesdays at 9:30PM. #HTGAWM