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#HTGAWM: Annalise frames someone for Sam’s murder

22 May 2017

OMG you will never believe who she frames for her husband’s murder! How To Get Away With Murder, Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

Remember when we said things are getting messy? Well, now things are getting really messy!

This week Sam’s sister Anna discovers that her brother’s charred remains have been found. She breaks down and screams accusations at Annalise: “She’s a murderer, arrest her!”

Anna testifies that in the past Annalise has threatened Sam with physical violence, which grants the cops a warrant to search the house.

Meanwhile, the students are freaking out! But Annalise keeps reassuring them that she will take care of them. We didn’t realise the extent she would go to protect them though.

She gets Frank to strategically place Sam’s wedding ring in the woods where his body was burnt. They also plant a fingerprint on the ring.

But who’s fingerprint?

Who do you think Annalise is framing for Sam’s murder? 

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