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#HTGAWM: All will be revealed soon

26 April 2017

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth. Don’t miss How To Get Away With Murder, Wednesdays at 9:30PM.

Last week we found out Lila Stangard was pregnant. And because her boyfriend at the time is a sworn virgin, we can assume that Sam was the father.

This week, Annalise confronts Sam about it and he promises that he didn’t know Lila was pregnant.

But later, Bonnie recalls meeting Lila the night she was murdered. Lila came to the house to tell Annalise she was pregnant with Sam’s baby, but Bonnie turned her away.

When Bonnie tells Sam about it, he kisses her!

Meanwhile, Rebecca takes Nate up on his offer to bring Sam down. She plans to download all of his files from his laptop.

Oh, and it’s the night of the bonfire, when Sam’s murder takes place. So we’re really getting closer to the big reveal.

Things are a little confusing and up in the air right now, we know, but everything will be made clear real soon!

So stay tuned to How To Get Away With Murder, Wednesdays at 9:30PM.